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Liberty. It’s a simple idea and the linchpin of a complex system of values and practices: justice, prosperity, responsibility, toleration, cooperation, and peace. Many people believe that liberty is the core political value of modern civilization itself, the one that gives substance and form to all the other values of social life. They’re called libertarians.

Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org is the Cato Institute’s treasury of resources about the theory and history of liberty.

We offer a wealth of original essays and classic reprints by great classical liberals and libertarians as well as articles from modern‐​day thinkers, book reviews, four podcasts, a libertarian encyclopedia, videos, online introductory courses, and books on a variety of topics within the libertarian tradition.

Meet the Staff
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Aaron Ross Powell
Director and Editor

Aaron Ross Powell is Director and Editor of Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org a project of the Cato Institute, as well as co‐​host of the Free Thoughts podcast. His writing has appeared in The Washington Post, Liberty, and The Cato Journal. He earned a JD from the University of Denver.

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Natalie Dowzicky

Natalie Dowzicky is the Manager of Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org. Also she is the co‐​host of the Pop & Locke Podcast. As a contributor for Young Voices, her work has appeared in The Washington Times, the National Interest, and the Washington Examiner.

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Grant Babcock
Philosophy and Policy Editor

Grant Babcock is Philosophy and Policy Editor of Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org and a scholar of political philosophy. His interests include nonviolent action, epistemology of the social sciences, Austrian economics, libertarian anarchism, and finding libertarian‐​compatible responses to cultural problems. Grant holds an MA in Public Policy with a Concentration in Philosophy and Social Policy from George Washington University.

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Paul Matzko
Technology and Innovation Editor

Paul Matzko is Technology and Innovation Editor at Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org. He has a PhD in History from Pennsylvania State University and recently published a book with Oxford University Press titled, The Radio Right: How a Band Of Broadcasters Took on the Federal Government and Built the Modern Conservative Movement.

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Paul Meany
Intellectual History Editor

Paul Meany is an Intellectual History Editor at Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org. He is from Dublin, Ireland and graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a Bachelor’s degree in Ancient and Medieval History and Culture. His research focuses on precursors to classical liberalism throughout history.

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Landry Ayres
Senior Producer

Landry Ayres is the Senior Producer at Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org. He hails from Texas and graduated from George Mason University with both a Bachelor of Arts in Media Production and Criticism, and a Master of Arts in Communication. If he had it his way, he would wear blue jeans and a plain grey t‐​shirt everyday.

Greta Langhenry
Marketing Manager

Greta Langhenry is the Marketing Coordinator for Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org. A second‐​generation libertarian, Greta holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics from the University of Georgia and is a two‐​time honor graduate of The Wendelstedt School for Umpires. Greta enjoys watching and umpiring baseball, reading, and working in her garden.