A list of some of the biographical essays at lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org.

Aaron Ross Powell
Director and Editor

Aaron Ross Powell is Director and Editor of Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org, a project of the Cato Institute. Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org presents introductory material as well as new scholarship related to libertarian philosophy, theory, and history. He is also co‐​host of Libertarianism.org’s popular podcast, Free Thoughts. His writing has appeared in Liberty and The Cato Journal. He earned a JD from the University of Denver.

Libertarianism.org’s list of major libertarian thinkers just got a whole lot more useful. Due to the generosity of Jim Powell, we’re are now including the terrific biographies from his book, The Triumph of Liberty, on individual thinkers’ pages. These long essays introduce the thinker’s life and works and explore how he or she fits in to the broader struggle for liberty. More biographies are appearing as I write this, but a great deal of them are already available. Some exemplars: * Frédéric Bastiat * Frederick Douglass * Milton Friedman * F. A. Hayek * Rose Wilder Lane * John Locke (A special thanks to Kat Murti for helping get these on to Lib​er​tar​i​an​ism​.org.) For more, check out the site’s Major Libertarian Thinkers section–and come back often to learn about the important men and women who have advanced the cause of liberty.