Jun 28, 2000

The Triumph of Liberty: A 2,000-Year History, Told through the Lives of Freedom’s Greatest Champions

Featuring the author, Jim Powell, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute and Editor, Laissez Faire Books, with David Boaz, Vice President, Cato Institute.

Discussions of the progress of liberty often focus on large historical trends, from the fall of the Roman Empire to globalization and information technology. In his new book, Jim Powell focuses on the individuals who helped freedom to advance. He tells the dramatic life stories of Cicero, Erasmus, Rabelais, Lilburne, Locke, Jefferson, Beethoven, Victor Hugo, Frederick Douglass, Henry David Thoreau, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Ayn Rand, Raoul Wallenberg, Martin Luther King, Milton Friedman, and many more. Powell will discuss what we can learn from the ordinary people who changed history with their ideas, their devotion, and their courage.