Sep 21, 1986

Bettina Greaves: A Tribute to Henry Hazlitt

Bettina Bien Greaves attended Ludwig von Mises’s New York University seminars for many years and has translated, edited, and compiled several of his works. She is currently a resident scholar and trustee of the Foundation for Economic Education.

In this video Greaves offers a tribute to Henry Hazlitt at a Free Press Association dinner in 1986. Hazlitt was then 92 years old; he passed away in 1993. Greaves gives a quick overview of Hazlitt’s life and his many accomplishments once he began writing about economics at 20 years old (he published his first book at 22). Hazlitt wrote for numerous newspapers and magazines throughout the course of his life, including but not limited to: The Wall Street Journal, The New York Evening Post, The Evening Mail, The New York Herald, The Sun, The Nation, The American Mercury, The New York Times, Newsweek, and The Freeman.