Dec 3, 1983

Revising Traditional Notions of Competition and Monopoly

Mario Rizzo is currently an associate professor of economics at New York University and the director of the Program on the Foundations of the Market Economy.

Jack High is an Austrian school economist and a professor of economics and public policy at George Mason University. He specializes in the process of competition and antitrust laws.

Richard Langlois is a professor of economics at the University of Connecticut. He is also a contributor at the blog Organizations and Markets.

In this video from a 1983 Center for the Study of Market Processes (now the Mercatus Center at George Mason University) event, these three economists each present papers that take various approaches to the issue of antitrust legislation, and then take questions from the audience. Rizzo’s paper is titled “A Reexamination of the Laws of Horizontal Collusional Arrangements,” High’s in entitled “Perfect Competition and the Economics of Information,” and Langlois’s is titled “Nonconventional Approaches to the Theory of Competition.”