Susan Schneider

Susan Schneider is currently the NASA/Baruch Blumberg Chair of Astrobiology at the Library of Congress. She writes about the fundamental nature of the self and mind, especially from the vantage point of issues in philosophy, artificial intelligence, and astrobiology. The topics she has written about most recently include radical brain enhancement, spacetime emergence, superintelligence, the nature of life, whether minds are in some sense programs, panpsychism, and the nature of persons.  She has been featured by The New York Times, Science, Nautilus, SmithsonianDiscover, PBSThe History Channel and more.  

Building Tomorrow

Artificial You (with Susan Schneider)

featuring Paul Matzko, Aaron Ross Powell, and Susan Schneider on Sep 19, 2019

Susan Schneider joins the show to challenge our preconceived notions of consciousness and whether machines can achieve it.