Vol. 10 No. 8

Opening Shots, by Bill Birmingham

LR Editorials

  • More Forced Equality
  • Reagan’s China Gamble
  • Catholics and conscientious Objection

Commerce Dpt.: The Agricultural Cartel, by Sheldon Richman

What Makes Cities Live, by Joan Kennedy Taylor

Transit as if People Mattered, by Chris Hocker

The Guardian Angels: An Interview with Curtis Sliwa

Crime in the Cities–The Drug Connection, by Roy A. Childs, Jr.

The Shortage in Housing–The Crisis that Government Built, by Bruce Cooley

Books and Arts

  • Tyler Cowen on Bruce Bartlett’s Reaganomics
  • Bill Birmingham on Amory B. and L. Hunter Lovins’s Energy/​War
  • David Brudnoy on great movie ideas gone bad
  • Jeff Riggenbach and Frederic Reynolds on Nabokov and literary nationalism