Libertarian Review, December 1979

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Libertarian Review, December 1979


Opening Shots, by Bill Birmingham

The Libertarian Editorials: 

  • In Praise of the Nestle boycott
  • The Nestle Boycott—the Unsettled Issues
  • Women Against Pornography?
  • Revolution in El Salvador
  • Who Needs the MX?

Letters to the Editors

The Public Trough: Five Percent for What?, by Bruce Bartlett

Liberty’s Heritage: Frank Chodorov and the American Right, by Charles Hamilton

Psycho-drama in the White House, by Thomas S. Szasz

Private Schools—and Why They Aren’t, by Lee Schubert

Books and the Arts:

  • James J. Martin on David DeLeon’s The American as Anarchist: Reflections on Indigenous Radicalism
  • Felix Morley on Henry Regnery’s Memoirs of a Dissident Publisher
  • Christopher Weber on John Holt’s Never Too Late
  • David Brudnoy on Joseph Wambaugh’s film of The Onion Field and Norman Jewison’s …And Justice for All