Libertarian Review, February 1981

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Letters to LR

LR Editorials

  • Chrysler sings the blues

  • Lennon: what is to be done

  • Cultural inventories

  • LR has moved

Social Security’s Eleventh Hour

Social Security: Time to Cut Our Losses, by Donald A. Feder

Social Security: How Security Became Social, by Jeff Riggenbach

Social Security: How Much Longer Can It Last?, Interviews with Peter Ferrara and Maggie Kuhn

How Uncle Sam Keeps Us All Energy Poor, by Robert James Lee

Books and Arts

  • Joan Kennedy Taylor on Peter Breggin’s The Psychology of Freedom and Nathaniel Branden’s The Psychology of Romantic Love

  • Milton Mueller of Joel Spring’s Educating the Worker-Citizen

  • Victoria Varga on Michael Hiley’s Victorian Working Women

  • David Brudnoy on Michael Crimino’s Heaven’s Gate