Vol. 9 No. 6
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Opening Shots, by Bill Birmingham

LR Editorials

  • The Revolt of the Masses
  • Uncle Snoop

Letters to LR

The Movement, by Milton Mueller and Roy A. Childs, Jr.

The Public Trough: Prop. 13, Two Years Later, by Bruce Bartlett

Guardians at the Gate, by Justin Raimondo

Howard Jarvis Fights Round II, by Marshall E. Schwartz

Books and Arts

  • Bill Birmingham on Edward W. Said’s The Question of Palestine
  • Jeff Riggenbach on Robert L. Heilbroner’s Marxism: For and Against
  • Egan O’Connor on Roger J. Williams’ Free and Unequal
  • George T. Eggleston on Felix Morley’s For the Record
  • David Brudnoy on freaks in the cinema