Vol. 10 No. 9


The Legacy of Ludwig von Mises, by Ralph Raico

Mises and the Next Generation, by Don Lavoie

Mises’s New York University Seminar, by Bettina Bien Greaves

Mises Himself, Quotations from his works

The New Theocracy–Moral Majority’s Grab for Power, by Jim Peron


Opening Shots by Bill Birmingham

Letters to LR

LR Editorials

  • A move toward the draft
  • Between the 1st Amendment and a hard place
  • The Hopeful Science

Political Eye: Rufus T. Firefly rides again, by Chris Hocker

Commerce Dpt.: The Priviledge to work, by Sheldon Richman

Books and Arts

  • Tom G. Palmer on Philip Green’s The Pursuit of Inequality
  • Daniel Klein on Carl Menger’s Principles of Economics
  • Jeff Riggenbach on the journalist as artist
  • Dave Brudnoy on men of steel