Vol. 1 No. 2

…During the southern campaign (1780–1781) Morgan raised the political awareness of patriots in the Carolinas and mobilized the militias there. This discouraged the Loyalists from joining the British. Once the militias were assembled, Morgan exhorted them to aid the cause of liberty by repelling the invading British. Morgan worked out and implemented important approaches to guerrilla tactics which led to the defeat of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown. His greatness as a guerrilla tactician combined his political and military leadership of the American militias…

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Editorial (Vol. I, No. II)

By Leonard P. Liggio

Revolution and Social Change: The American Revolution as a People’s War

By William Marina

Obedience vs. Self‐​Ownership

By Peter Breggin

Prima Facie Values

By Jeane Kirkpatrick