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Aaron Ross Powell and Paul Matzko

Visions of Liberty

Noted scholars and advocates of liberty offer inspiring visions of a more libertarian world.

Coming Soon
Steven Horwitz

Austrian Economics: An Introduction

This book explains the Austrian School’s insights on a wide range of economic topics and introduces some of its key thinkers. Now available for pre‐​order and the free online version will be out July 14, 2020!

introductions series

Short introductions to philosophy, economics, and policy written by top scholars.

Readers Series

Anthologies of primary sources on important topics within the libertarian tradition.

Abridged and annotated Series
Abridged and annotated

Classic books with new introductions and supporting materials.

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Anthony Comegna
Liberty and Power: A Reader

An anthology of writings on the eternal conflict between individual liberty and those who seek to control our lives.

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Antony Davies
Understanding Statistics

This book is for someone who wants to learn how to interpret the results of statistical analyses.

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William Godwin and Anthony Comegna
Lives of the Necromancers
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George H. Smith and Marilyn Moore
Critics of State Education: A Reader

Since at least the days of ancient Sparta, governments have sought to control the educational process.

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George H. Smith
Self‐​Interest and Social Order in Classical Liberalism

Intellectual surveys of Hume, Smith, Hobbes, Butler, Mandeville, and Hutcheson and their respective contributions to political philosophy.

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George H. Smith
The American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence

A short history of America’s founding.

Media Name: freethoughtandfreedom.png
George H. Smith
Freethought and Freedom

A survey of the history of religious and intellectual liberty in Europe.

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Howard Baetjer
Economics and Free Markets: An Introduction

A short guide to economics and the market economy.