E32 -

Jonathan Blanks joins Aaron and Trevor to talk about the relationship between African‐​Americans and the state.

Besides the horrendous affront to human rights that was American slavery, black people in America have been and continue to be singled out for “special treatment” by the government in other ways, too: the federal drug war, minimum wage laws, the failure of public schooling, licensing restrictions on opening businesses, gun control laws, the indignity of welfare, and many more. So why aren’t there more black libertarians?

Show Notes and Further Reading

Radley Balko, Rise of the Warrior Cop (book)

David Weigel, “Ruth Marcus, David Brooks, and Reefer Madness” (article)

Tim Lynch, Police Misconduct: The Assault on Civil Liberties (video)

Associated Press, “SWAT team raids Md. mayor’s home, kills 2 dogs” (article)