E53 -

Justin Logan joins us for a conversation about American foreign policy. What’s the libertarian solution for military overspending and overreach?

Aaron Ross Powell
Director and Editor
Trevor Burrus
Research Fellow, Constitutional Studies

Justin Logan is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. He is an expert on U.S. grand strategy, international relations theory, and American foreign policy. His current research focuses on the shifting balance of power in Asia — specifically with regard to China — and the limited relevance of the Middle East to U.S. national security.

Are libertarians isolationists? Why do libertarians seem to disagree so often when it comes to foreign policy? When is it appropriate to go to war? What about humanitarian interventions? If we need to cut spending, should it come out of the military? What do conservatives get wrong about foreign policy? What do liberals/​progressives get wrong?

Show Notes and Further Reading

Justin Logan, “War’s Declining Significance As A Policy Tool in the Comtemporary Age” (Chapter 8 in Peace, Love, & Liberty )

Robert Higgs, Crisis and Leviathan (book)

Walter A. McDougall, “Back to Bedrock: The Eight Traditions of American Statecraft” (article in Foreign Affairs)

Richard K. Betts, “The Delusion of Impartial Intervention” (article in Foreign Affairs)