Apr 16, 1995

Sheldon Richman on Separating School and State

Sheldon Richman is the editor of The Freeman (a magazine published by the Foundation for Economic Education), a senior fellow at the Future of Freedom Foundation, and a research fellow at the Independent Institute.

In this lecture from one of the Future of Freedom Foundation’s conferences in 1995, Richman describes the state of public education in modern America. He makes note of state education’s Spartan origins, and refers to Israel Kirzner’s work on entrepreneurship. Opening up public schools to competition, Richman says, would put the power to decide what and how their children learn back into parents’ hands.

This lecture is adapted from Richman’s 1994 book of the same title, available here: http://www.amazon.com/Separating-School-State-Liberate-Americas/dp/0964044722/