Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Elizabeth Nolan Brown contributes to a group column on libertarian feminism along with Sharon Presley, Mikayla Novak, and Helen Dale.

Brown is currently a staff editor at Reason.com, where she covers issues related to gender, reproductive rights, free speech, criminal justice, sex work, and millennial politics. Her writing has also appeared places such as Time, The Week, Fox News, The Dish, and Huffington Post. Brown has an M.A. in strategic communication from American University, a B.F.A. in theater from Ohio University, and a certificate in nutrition from Cornell.

Free Thoughts

The War on Sex Work

featuring Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Trevor Burrus, and Aaron Ross Powell on Apr 28, 2017

Elizabeth Nolan Brown joins us this week for a discussion about sex work. What’s the difference between sex trafficking and prostitution?

Free Thoughts

What Does Libertarian Feminism Look Like?

featuring Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus on Jan 19, 2015

Elizabeth Nolan Brown joins us for a discussion on libertarianism and women. What does libertarian feminism look like? How does libertarianism appeal to women?