Tom Clougherty

Tom Clougherty is editorial director at the Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives at the Cato Institute. Previously, Clougherty was managing editor at the Reason Foundation and executive director of the London-based Adam Smith Institute.

Free Thoughts

How the Federal Reserve Works

featuring George Selgin, Trevor Burrus, and Tom Clougherty on Dec 29, 2017

George Selgin joins us again on Free Thoughts for a conversation about the origins and role of the Federal Reserve.

Free Thoughts

Neoliberalism in the U.K.

featuring Sam Bowman, Trevor Burrus, Matthew Feeney, & Tom Clougherty on Jul 28, 2017

Sam Bowman joins us this week to talk about political trends in the United Kingdom and in Europe more broadly. What’s a neoliberal?

Free Thoughts

Transportation, Land Use, and Freedom

featuring Randal O'Toole, Trevor Burrus, and Tom Clougherty on Feb 26, 2016

Randal O’Toole joins us for a discussion on land usage, urban planning, public transit, transportation, and driverless cars.