Free Thoughts

A weekly show about politics and liberty, featuring conversations with top scholars, philosophers, historians, economists, and public policy experts. Hosted by Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus.

Episode List

Happy (Belated) Birthday James Madison!

46 min 46 sec – – Featuring: John Samples, Gene Healy, and Michael B. Levy

Liberty and the African American Experience (with Jonathan Blanks)

47 min 40 sec – – Featuring: Jonathan Blanks, Aaron Ross Powell, and Trevor Burrus

The Collapse of the Local Community (with Tim Carney)

45 min 7 sec – – Featuring: Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus

The Intellectual Tradition of Libertarianism (with Eric Mack)

56 min 4 sec – – Featuring: Trevor Burrus, Aaron Ross Powell, and Eric Mack

Overparenting & Bad Public Policy (with Lenore Skenazy)

47 min 14 sec – – Featuring: Trevor Burrus and Aaron Ross Powell

Is There Any Justification for Paternalistic Policies? (with Christopher Snowdon)

42 min 49 sec – – Featuring: Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus