Ep. 104: The United States as a Young Foreign Power, Part Two, with Christopher A. Preble

We pick up our conversation with Christopher Preble to introduce his new book; Peace, War, and Liberty, released today on our site. 

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Last week we left off with selections from William Graham Sumner and we pick up right there today with Christopher Preble. Preble’s new book was released today on our site and it not only explores America imperialist tendency in the past, but also recognizes our foreign policy blunders of today.

Does the U.S. think they are in a perfect position to solve the problems of other countries? How did the war against Spain turn out? Does the American imperial empire exist today? When did the U.S. start to get influenced by the imperial mindset of Europe? What is corporatism? Was it honorable to be a soldier in the 1900s? What was the anti-war movement and what happened to it after World War II?

Further Reading:

Peace, War, and Liberty: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy, written by Christopher A. Preble, available April 30, 2019.

Dreams of a City on a Hill, 1630, written by John Winthrop

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