Apr 5, 1982

Roy A. Childs, Jr., on Ronald Reagan’s Foreign Policy

Roy A. Childs, Jr., was an essayist, lecturer, and critic. He first came to prominence in the libertarian movement with his 1969 “Open Letter to Ayn Rand,” and he quickly established himself as a major thinker within the libertarian tradition. He passed away in 1992.

In this video from a Libertarian Party of New York convention in 1982, Childs gives a lecture on the origins and consequences of Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy. Childs strongly associates the peace movement with the libertarian philosophy, saying “Let no one posture as a friend of liberty who is not also a friend of peace in the world today, and let no one posture as a friend of peace who is not an opponent of American intervention in the affairs of all the nations of the globe.”