Free Thoughts

A weekly show about politics and liberty, featuring conversations with top scholars, philosophers, historians, economists, and public policy experts. Hosted by Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus.

Episode List

The Sad History of the FCC (with Thomas Hazlett)

46 min 14 sec – – Featuring: Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus

When FDR Took Americans’ Gold (with Sebastian Edwards)

57 min 59 sec – – Featuring: Trevor Burrus

Trump’s Immigration Crackdown (with Alex Nowrasteh)

44 min 10 sec – – Featuring: Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, and Alex Nowrasteh

An Ecological Theory of Free Expression (with Gary Chartier)

48 min – – Featuring: Aaron Ross Powell and Trevor Burrus

Beyond the Sea: The Possibilities of Seasteading

50 min 12 sec – – Featuring: Trevor Burrus and Aaron Ross Powell

Our Fragile National Ego: Foreign Policy and the Struggle for Prestige

45 min 20 sec – – Featuring: Trevor Burrus, John Glaser, and Matthew Feeney