Paul Matzko

Paul Matzko is the Assistant Editor for Tech and Innovation at He received a PhD in History from Pennsylvania State University in 2016. He has a forthcoming book with Oxford University Press titled The Radio Right, which details the John F. Kennedy administration’s successful efforts to censor Right-wing radio broadcasters in the 1960s. He has published articles with Presidential Studies Quarterly and Fides et Historia.

Building Tomorrow

COVID on Campus (with Bryan Caplan)

featuring Bryan Caplan and Paul Matzko on May 28, 2020

Even if universities re-open in the fall, will higher education snap back to normal? 

Free Thoughts

The Radio Right (with Paul Matzko)

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Trevor Burrus, and Paul Matzko on May 22, 2020

Paul Matzko, the host of Building Tomorrow, joins the show to talk about how the government orchestrated one of the largest censorship campaigns in history against right wing radio in the 1960’s, but many people still don’t know about it. 

Free Thoughts

When Innovation Breaks the Rules (with Adam Thierer)

featuring Aaron Ross Powell, Paul Matzko, and Adam Thierer on May 15, 2020

Evasive Entrepreneurs, innovators who don’t always conform to social or legal norms, are changing the world and challenging their governments.