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Our host, Paul Matzko, has a special announcement.


We have a special announcement about the future of Building Tomorrow. Stay tuned.


00:04 Paul Matzko: I have some exciting news for fans of Building Tomorrow. We are changing the structure of the show. Rather than the one off bi‐​weekly interviews, Building Tomorrow is going to shift to a seasonal model, where we do deep dives into what the future could look like. It’s gonna be bigger, it’s gonna be bolder, it’s gonna be more radical. I realised that my own favourite episodes, they’re the ones that we’ve done before, like the episode from last year, Do You Want To Retire a Millionaire? Showing how even minimum wage workers could live comfortably in retirement if we just privatised the Social Security. I want to give you more of that kind of thing. Each episode of the new Building Tomorrow will feature multiple interviews with experts, entrepreneurs and ordinary folks whose lives could be radically transformed by emerging tech innovation over the next several decades. So as the Brit say, watch this space over the next several months for announcements about the next season of Building Tomorrow.

01:03 Paul Matzko: In the meantime, check out one of our sister shows. If you want interviews with folks ranging from entrepreneurs, the philosophers, go subscribe to Free Thoughts. If you’re interested in the intellectual history of classical liberalism, check out Portraits of Liberty. For a little lighter material, well, I mean, at least as light as a libertarian ever is, given our pension for randomly hollering, “It was the state. What done it?” Go try Pop & Locke where we dissect movies, TV and pop culture. As always, until next time, be well.