Must Love Dogs…and Dog Tech

A dog is man’s best friend, basically the presence of a faithful companion, is one explanation for the rise in pet ownership. 

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Dog ownership is on the rise around the world, correlating to the decline in age of marriage and delays in childbearing. Given the slowing (and eventual reversal) of the global population birth rate, that means pets will demand an growing share of personal income, emotional investment, and technological innovation. Will and Paul are joined by Natalie Dowzicky (flatmate of the fabulous Corgi pup Pippa, who is on the list of Capitol Hill pooches to watch) to discuss these trends, various gadgets and apps designed for pet owners, and the prospect of cloned or robotic pets in future society.

Legal Disclaimer: No dogs—named Marley or otherwise—were harmed in the recording of this episode.

Are pets just accessories? Why has pet ownership increased? Is pet ownership a new way to find community? What is the difference between pets and livestock? Will people have pet robots in the future?

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