Building Tomorrow

Building Tomorrow explores the ways technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship are creating a freer, wealthier, and more peaceful world.

Episode List

When Will We Get Fully Autonomous Cars?

33 min 11 sec – – Featuring: Paul Matzko

Printing Pills for Pets

38 min 34 sec – – Featuring: Paul Matzko

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Your Job?

34 min 33 sec – – Featuring: Paul Matzko

Hedging Against Skynet

43 min – – Featuring: Paul Matzko and Aaron Ross Powell

Augur(ing) Assassinations

45 min 33 sec – – Featuring: Paul Matzko, Aaron Ross Powell, and Will Duffield

Health Care without Health Insurance

43 min 45 sec – – Featuring: Paul Matzko, Matthew Feeney, and Dr. Ryan Neuhofel