Building Tomorrow

Building Tomorrow explores the ways technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship are creating a freer, wealthier, and more peaceful world.

Episode List

SimCity 5: Exploring Charter Cities (and More!)

55 min 8 sec – – Featuring: Paul Matzko, Ian Adams, and Mark Lutter

Destination Mars

50 min 22 sec – – Featuring: Paul Matzko and Robert Zubrin

Facial Recognition or Faceless Man?

48 min 58 sec – – Featuring: Paul Matzko, Matthew Feeney, and Caleb Watney

Devin Nunes Sues a Fictional Cow, His Mom, and Liz Mair

40 min 7 sec – – Featuring: Paul Matzko, Will Duffield, and Liz Mair

Why is Rent so Damn High?

51 min 25 sec – – Featuring: Paul Matzko and Salim Furth

Debunking Overpopulation

50 min 36 sec – – Featuring: Paul Matzko, Aaron Ross Powell, and John Ibbitson