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Tyler Cowen joins us to discuss the value of work and how big businesses give people opportunities to feel fulfilled in their lives.

Aaron Ross Powell
Director and Editor
Trevor Burrus
Research Fellow, Constitutional Studies

Tyler Cowen is general director of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, co‐​author of the popular economics blog Marginal Revolution, author of the New York Times’ “Economic Scene” column, contributor to The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Newsweek, and The Wilson Quarterly, and the Holbert C. Harris Chair professor of economics at George Mason University.

Tyler Cowen joins us to discuss his new book; Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti‐​Hero. Throughout the conversation, Trevor and Aaron ask Tyler about crony capitalism, how Trump engages with big businesses, and the role of CEO’s. Cowen believes that big businesses are actually given a pretty unfair reputation as they create much more value than they are given credit for.

Why is big business coming under heavier fire recently? How big is “big business”? Do CEO’s cheat more or less than others? Do you people like going to work and should they? How should big businesses interact with the federal government? How big is the finance world and is it too big? Why is a healthy financial sector important? If big business is good, why is it widely unliked?

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