Unbundling the State (with Jason Kuznicki)

Jason Kuznicki discusses how the problem of political authority has evolved over time from a classical liberal perspective. 

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Jason Kuznicki joins us again to discuss the problem of political authority. His new book, Technology and the End of Authority: What is Government For?, examines the relationship between the state and technology over time. Technological developments may make the state more or less necessary over time, which is a consideration that is relatively new in the history of political philosophy, but increasingly important.

What is the state? What is a nation? What is the difference between ‘the state’ and government? Why do libertarians oppose coercion? How has the state evolved over time? What is the ‘bundle theory’ of the state?

Further Reading:

Technology and the End of Authority: What is Government For?, written by Jason Kuznicki

Max Weber’s Theory of the Modern State, written by Andreas Anter

The Republic, written by Plato

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